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Giving Back

How We Give Back

At NOVA Optique we believe that ‘Service is our rent for living.’ We also believe sight should not be a choice, and we are determined to help those in need to see as best as they can. In order to do our best with this mission we have teamed up with a few local partners.

Our Partners

arlington chamber of commerce

NOVA Optique + Eyecare is a proud member of The Arlington Chamber of Commerce, a voluntary membership organization consisting of approximately 700 businesses and nonprofits. The goal of the Chamber is to positively encourage networking, business development, community engagement, education, and more. Our optometry practice and optical boutique is proud to be an active part of the Chamber’s efforts to build business-to-business connections within our community.

arlington free clinic

At NOVA, we partner with the Arlington Free Clinic, who provides free, high-quality healthcare to low-income, uninsured Arlington County adults. This process consists of a patient being scheduled with us through an AFC staff member. We see four patients per month, the current age range being 30+. If a patient is Spanish-speaking, our staff member, Vanessa, is able to translate for a seamless experience. After the appointment, if they do need glasses, we provide them with a free pair. If a patient needs a referral for surgery, we let the AFC know and the AFC refers them to a surgeon. While we can diagnose patients for more serious conditions, the majority simply need glasses to get through the day, and wouldn’t have access to them without this service

lions international recycling club

The Lions Club Recycling Program places donation boxes for glasses all around. They can be found in libraries, banks, and even grocery stores. Within Lions Club, there are different groups that assist with the recycling process. The glasses are cleaned, sanitized, and confirmed to be in good condition. If the lenses can not be used, the lenses are removed and the frames are used to make new glasses. All glasses, adults and children, are collected for this recycling program. While NOVA doesn’t personally participate in these mission trips, we are proud to help by participating in the neutralization/reading of glasses donated to the Lions Club in our office.

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