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Gordy the Gourd

Gordy the Gourd

Gordy has always been known as one gangly gourd! He was always tripping over tree roots and getting tangled up in vines. Sometimes he even fell down in the pumpkin patch! All because he had trouble seeing where he was going.

Finally, one of the big pumpkins told Gordy he needed glasses so he would be able to see better. Gordy took his advice and made himself an appointment with Dr. Varghai at NOVA Optique + Eyecare.

Once Gordy got his comprehensive eye exam he was able to pick out a pair of glasses. Gordy LOVES his frames and is so happy that he is able to see now! He transformed into one graceful gourd!

Instead of returning to the farm, Gordy wanted to stay here with Dr. V and show off his new specs. Now he sits at the front desk and helps staff greet patients when they come in for their own eye exams.

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